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The day begins with the song of bird,

Feathered lovers longing to be heard.

As we wake, nature changes shift,

From the nocturnal moth over to the incoming swift.

At night comes out the bat, the badger,

The fox, the owl, the hedgehogs gather.

For when sunlight comes, they hide away,

To welcome on stage the creatures of the day.

The bees they buzz to the blooming flowers,

And the birds balance tall on their leafy towers.

Trees, hedgerows and gardens alike,

All got the spring memo and are coming to life.

The sun smiles down on all it can reach,

All the way to the fields, the woods and the beach.

At the end of the day, the day creatures will rest,

They head to their burrows, dens, holes and nests.

As they hand over the world to the night time wonderers,

The creatures of the dark say goodnight to the slumberers,

They emerge as the sun begins to fall,

Ready to see what the night has in stall.

As the sun sets the trees fade into shadows,

And the grass underfoot becomes a maze to the toes.

Each creature its own, magical history,

Either in darkness or light, encompassed with mystery.

For nature never stops and nor should we,

Either in day or night, there is much magic to see.

Day and Night

Written by Katie Goldsbrough

During lockdown, April 2020.

Drawing of Fox
Drawing of Hedgehog
Drawing of Owl
Watercolor Butterfly 19
Drawing of Squirrel
Feather 5
Rose Leaves
Drawing of Reindeer
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