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Celebrating careers in conservation!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

REAL Stories from REAL people who are making a REAL difference.

From personal experience- when I was doing my undergrad degree, I had no clue now many different roles in wildlife conservation and environmental science were out there! I think it is SO important for the different sectors to be known about, as wildlife conservation is a complicated yet amazing process of many contributing factors! This doesn't just focus on careers but also how you can incorporate conservation into hobbies or just making everyday life part of conserving our wonderful planet!

I also think it is super important to acknowledge the amazing, incredible people in all these different sectors that work every single day to conserve our wildlife and make the world a better place for nature and us.

Series 1 Timetable:

  1. Jo Wray- Site manager who built a nature reserve from scratch!

  2. Steph Robertson- Travelling and volunteering aboard!

  3. Leah Fitzpatrick- Skulls and science! Museums in conservation.

  4. DR. Dannielle Green – Environmental scientist, academic and plastic pollution warrior!

  5. Darren Tansley- Rivers coordinator and wild about Watervoles!

  6. Dr Kim Wallis- Conservation advisor and bat women!

  7. Emma Ormond- Landscape conservationist- delivering practical conservation

  8. Chloe Wilson- Mum, student and gardening guru!

  9. Charlotte Wells- Wildlife education officer and moth mad!

  10. Charlotte Bradley- Nature Reserve Ranger and practical conservationist

AND MORE TO COME!... Ecologist, nature writer, Farmers, TV presenter, Nature communication, ornithologist, entomolologist, photography, citizen science, eco-tourism, climate activists and more!

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1 Comment

May 16, 2020

Mullein moth caterpillars I guess- because they are eating our mullein! I know Katie will like them anyway. X

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