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Celebrating Careers In Conservation Series 2!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

This series we have another amazing group of people working in careers that benefit wildlife conservation! This series highlights some career paths that steer past traditional conservation roles, that will hopefully inspire and motivate future conservation careers.

Series 2 Timetable:

  1. Nina Constable - Film making

  2. Tiffany Francis-Baker- Author and Illustrator

  3. Lizzie Barker- Business

  4. Macbradan Bones- Working with trees

  5. Tiffany Rogerson- Marine medic

  6. Lily Chambers- Comms 4 Conservation

  7. Holly Maynard- Ecologist

  8. Emma Ormond- Women In Practical Conservation Roles

  9. Andrew Thompson- Volunteering

  10. Rachel Langley- Marine Conservation

  11. Naomi Joy- Artist

  12. Kate Stephenson - Blogging

First post coming this week! Keep your eyes peeled!

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