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My name is Katie & I am a passionate Wildlife Conservationist from Essex.

Thank you joining me on this site! Let me introduce myself...

I love all things nature! I have spent 6 years at university immersing myself in studying the natural world and I have a BSc in Zoology and a MSc in Applied Wildlife Conservation. I currently work as a ranger, looking after a beautiful nature reserve in Essex for an amazing wildlife charity. 


Nature should be accessible to EVERYONE 

My most keen areas of interest are plastic pollution, habitat creation, citizen science and my absolute favourite... BATS! I am a volunteer for my local bat group as an ambulance driver and a trainee bat carer- which is such a rewarding responsibility! 

I am an advocate for women working in practical wildlife conservation and hope to inspire and encourage women from any background into the sector.  I have made it my mission to share my passion and knowledge for wildlife in as many diverse and fun ways as I can. I hope you enjoy the site and find inspiration! 

Stay Wild! Love Katie x

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